-10C tomorrow: UK forecast dangerous cold tomorrow: Warning

In times of such extremes; it’s important to keep a watch on the vulnerable. Large parts of the UK will see heavy, frequent snow showers tomorrow with very significant accumulations. 10-15cm will fall widely across North East England & Eastern Scotland with heavy, frequent snow showers, elsewhere across central and eastern areas snow showers will also be heavy, and in places frequent, leading to significant accumulations.

Severe Freeze Warning

However it’s the cold that is all the more exceptional. The vast majority will stay well below freezing point all day tomorrow (even high temperatures), and with winds in places gale force, wind chill temperatures will be close to or below minus 10C;

Forecast wind chill temperatures:

The frequent, heavy snow showers will no doubt lead to some serious disruption across Central and Eastern Scotland, the central belt and North East England through tomorrow and Thursday. Some places could see 50cm, almost 2ft of snow in the far North East, leading to potential power outages, and cut-off of rural towns and villages. Snow accumulation values will typically be 5-10cm across central and eastern England and Ireland, however the hit and miss factor means some places will escape significant accumulations;

Snow showers will continue to affect central and eastern England, with lighter snow showers, and sunny interludes further west. If your thermometer reads above freezing at any point tomorrow, you will be amongst the warmest 4% in the British Isles.

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