The first cause for concern is the second named storm of the season, Storm Barbara, this storm’s severe weather will affect Northern UK throughout Friday with gusts widely reaching 60-70mph across Scotland, Northern England and Coastal areas of Northern Ireland, however the brunt of this storm will affect North Western Scotland. The strong winds will also extend further South accompanied by heavy rain during Friday afternoon. Significant snow wall fall on Friday night and Saturday (Xmas Eve) in the Scotland above 200 to 300 meters of elevation.

We are however most worried about Sunday’s (Christmas Day’s) impacts from severe weather. See a detailed forecast for your region by using our interactive map:

After a generally cold, breezy day on Saturday with the after affects of Friday’s wind still being felt in the North; another “storm” will arrive on Sunday, this one for Christmas day, bringing more widespread Gales for much of Central and Northern UK and yet again more severe gales, perhaps storm force winds in the far North; much of Central, Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland affected by this storm.
It will also bring widespread heavy rain making for a very miserable Christmas day for most with generally windy conditions which could cause isolated flooding and downed trees across Central and Southern Britain.
The North will again experience the brunt of the stormy weather; with the potential for 100mph (100kmh) wind gusts across Scotland. It must be noted, that this storm could downgrade or upgrade a little, however the risk is high for this severe weather to arrive on Christmas day.

The risks are similar to Friday in the North, and include isolated power outages, downed trees and where heavy rain accompanies, flooding is possible further South as the nasty conditions extend South on Christmas day.

Certainly a very disruptive Christmas is very possible.

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