An Indian Summer is about to Hit the UK with 26C Forecast

Hurricane Ophelia is about to pump a surge of unusually warm/hot air into central and southern parts of the British Isles. Warmer than average temperatures with a shift towards more prolonged settled weather away from Ireland and Scotland will continue through the week, however by the weekend temperatures will rise a notch up to 23°C/24°C across southern areas, 17°C-19°C further north. Monday is anticipated to be the warmest day of this particular warm spell with 26°C/79°C potentially across south east England.

Forecast temperatures for Monday, widely into the twenties:

Hurricane Ophelia is responsible for the tropical air, tropical energy within the system will also mean Monday will be a breezy day with gale force winds across Ireland and maybe even as far east as Irish Sea Coasts. See our post on Hurricane Ophelia – just click here. Unfortunately once Monday & Tuesday is out of the way, a return to increasingly unsettled weather is likely with temperatures overall returning close to the seasonal average. Scotland and Northern Ireland: you will notice what all the fuss is however.