BRUTAL Cold Forecast (could be record breaking) at the end of next week.

Brutal cold shot for East / North East by the middle and later part of next week thanks to a chunk of the polar vortex "falling" off the pole and affecting the United States.

The North East and East of the US (including the great lakes), is likely to experience unforgivably cold temperatures later next week with a severe cold spell arriving on Wednesday night before the cold starts to relent somewhat during the weekend. The severely cold temperatures will arrive on Thursday morning for most parts and the Great Lakes may see another snow system / potential winter storm next weekend (please stay tuned for further updates).


The current snow storm, winter storm Caly will bring further accumulations in the North East (falling as rain on the Coast), but inland further moderate snow and at times squalls of heavier snow dumping an extra 2-4" where you already heavy snow, giving some areas total storm accumulation of 12-14".

The cold will tend to moderate slightly however still remaining cold in areas that have snow on the ground, however from Wednesday night and on into Thursday, much much colder ( in fact Severely cold ) air will arrive bringing widespread sub zero temps and a potential snow storm next weekend.

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