EARLY ALERT: Widespread heavy, Disruptive Snowfall in the UK on Sunday

This has the potential to be a very disruptive fall of snow across many parts of the country. With the cold Arctic air in place across the UK this weekend, and with many western and northern counties already seeing their first few flakes of snow, an area of low pressure from the Atlantic will make in roads into the freezing air on Sunday – and likely bring some heavy snow to parts of the country.

The exact timings & details (for example exactly where the worst of conditions will be), will be finalized in the coming days. However at the moment, parts of the Midlands, especially the North Midlands, North Wales, parts of Northern England & places surrounding the Peak District could be severely affected by heavy snow, which could mount up to 20cm (8″) in high ground with significant, still disruptive falls to lower levels.

Further south the system is more likely to fall as rain, and north into Scotland may remain dry. However small changes in the forecast track of the low will have significant changes on the forecast further north and south of the main risk zone – so keep an eye on those changes in the coming days.

If you are in the Orange “Worst affected zone”, the risk of heavy snow on Sunday is high, so be prepared, however changes in the forecast could still place parts of the UK further south, or north into the yellow zones either side of the worst affected zone.

It’s likely somewhere in the coloured zone will get “pasted” with snow through Sunday morning and into the afternoon, however saying exactly where is not possible at this stage, yet.

We will know pretty much 100% which areas are going to get the deep snow on Saturday, keep an eye out for new updates.

Each new weather model (chart), that is released, has at least somewhere in England getting very heavy, disruptive snow – mostly the Midlands, however some track a little further north or south. So regardless to the forecast changes, if you are in the mentioned regions, keep a very close eye because Sunday may well mean snow – day for you.