Forecast for Next Few Possible Snow Storms to target United States |

Winter Storm Decima has brought 4-8" of snow to the Lakes, mid west and north west recently, with a rain/snow and ice mix further South.

The system is now leaving the Country, however will still pull in residual flurries across inland parts of the North East away from the Coast, bringing isolated accumulations of 1-3" in the next 48 hours or so.

Although temperatures will slowly be on the rise throughout next week, and by the weekend the South will see a significant temperature rise, further North it will (of course), remain cold with a few minor snow systems we have our eyes on.

The first system as such is one which is developing right now, and will affect the far North on Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing 2-4" in general in a swathe from Washington, into Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan on Tuesday, and affecting the North East (anywhere North of PA) on Wednesday, snowfall totals will range from 1-3" although could be as high as 4 or 5 inches in isolated areas.

We then see a relaxation in the snow risk up to Christmas night, with Boxing day bringing the potential for another snowfall, affecting Southern parts of the Lakes.

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