Over the next 24 – 48 hours a huge weather system will track up the east coast, taking with it rain and snow on the immediate coastline with some accumulation likely, however in land away from the coast, large snowfall accumulations can be expected. Through Saturday heavy wet snow will continue for NW Georgia, the North West of the Carolinas to. On Sat Night + Sunday the snow storm will track up the east coast giving accumulations of 4-10 inches for a huge area. Heavy wet snow means there is a high risk of power outages for a huge area.

Winter 2017 – 2018 U.S By Location Forecast

SNOWFALL ALERT – Many parts of the north east will see it’s first heavy snow, eastern PA, eastern Virginia, New Jersey, New York City, right up through Vermont, New Hampshire and into Maine, can expect heavy wet and disruptive snow through Sunday with accumulations of up to 12″ on high ground, however generally 6-12 inches will fall on moderate ground between 300 and 900ft, with 3-7 inches below 300ft. On the coast line a rain / snow mix is forecast with a tendency for the rain to turn to snow later on Sunday.

Meanwhilst, heavy snow will target the great lakes on Sunday with snow here of the more powdery variety with temps more into the 20’s F – meaning snow will blow around, get into trains etc and cause train travel problems. Whereas the snow for the north east is of the wet, sticky variety and that’s why the problem of power outages exists, even for coastal areas where snowfall will be of the more transient variety.

Things will calm down somewhat later on Monday for the north east and east coast however a winter storm snow system combining with conditions ripe for lake effect activity will lead to further heavy accumulations around the great lakes. An added 6-15″ is possible in many areas.