Large Parts of England forecast Severe Snow & -10C WindChill tomorrow – WARNING

If you live in the Midlands, central Wales, the Peak District & anywhere north of the M4 corridor and south of around Manchester, you can expect heavy & disruptive snowfall through much of tomorrow. Up to 30cm could fall across higher ground in Mid & Mid East Wales, with strong winds leading to drifting snow and blocked routes across the southern Pennines & Peak District.

Heavy rain is likely across south west England & southern coastal counties of England however for counties on the M4, like Hampshire, some heavy wet snow is likely during Sunday morning, which will more than likely extend in towards northern parts of Greater London. The snow will also reach the west Midlands & Wales before daylight, leading to havoc on the roads. By this time nay central areas will have seen upwards of 5cm of snow with many more hours of falling snow.

The snow will extend into the Peak District & the north Midlands through the morning, heavy at times, with patchy outbreaks of snow extending into the north of England, again some significant accumulations are likely, especially over the Peaks & Pennines where snow will drift about in a gale force easterly wind.

Snow will become lighter later in the day and will fizzle out by around tea time for most – however a second area of energy which could provide further accumulations of snow, possibly to more southern parts of the country is likely later in the day, exactly where is uncertain but parts of the south West Midlands & M4 bordering zones are at risk here – however there are large brackets of uncertainty with regards to this.