Latest Forecast | Cold Blast late next and growing Snow Risk |

Although this week will start on a relatively mild, windy and unsettled note, a frontal system on Wednesday will dive south introducing a much colder flow on Wednesday night, the colder than average temperatures will last until around the first part of the weekend, after that the forecast becomes uncertain.

Snow Risk: please access your area on our snow risk map, for further information / detail.

Snow Risk in detail: the colder air on Thursday will bring with it snow showers, however these will be confined to Northern and North Western parts, although some precipitation may filter further in land to spoil a mostly dry day for Eastern and Southern areas.

These are the 3 main regions most at risk of #disruption due to snow on Thursday:

Northern Ireland and Ireland: Snow showers will be fairly frequent and widespread here, giving patchy cover of 1-5cm.

Scotland: much of Scotland will see significant snow showers, with disruption likely over higher routes.

North West England and North Wales: these areas are located close to the Irish Sea, which will pick up moisture and desposit heavy snow showers, some areas, even to low ground could see up to 5cm, however the more disruptive snow will be on higher ground.

Elsewhere: for most of the Country, we aren't expecting much snowfall at this stage. There may be some showers making it over the Pennines into North Eastern and Eastern England, however these will be few and far between. On Thursday we expect temporary high ground cover and a few flakes to some lower level areas in the South.

Forecast for the weekend commencing Friday Night 13th January:

Remaining much colder than average with wintry flurries around Coastal areas and an ice risk inland. winds still fairly strong so a significant wind chill factor.

There could be another spell of snow, in the North on Saturday.

Confidence diminishes on Sunday however a slight moderation of the cold is likely into the following week, with a return to frosty and dull weather.

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