Major 110° Heatwave for the Mediterranean next week – even the locals found it hot!

A surge of hot air will lift temperatures close to or above 40°C, 104°F very widely across popular holiday destinations in the Med next week. Eastern Spain, Ibiza, Majorca, Italy, southern France and Alpine regions will roast over the next few days as temperatures climb to as high as 10-15C above average.

Widely temperatures of 40C are expected across Mediterranean throughout virtually the whole of next week

People in the area are advised to stay cool and out of the sun during peak heat hours (11:30 – 4:30) and drink an adequate amount of water.
The forecast temperatures of 40-45°C, are around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius above what you would expect, and although the 30°C is still hot, this heatwave is exceptional compared to average. Signs are that this heatwave could last as long as 10 days! Stay safe!