Chances of Snow Increasing as Met Office Issue Severe Weather Forecast |

The cold arctic blast is certainly living up to it's expectations:
<li>Heavy snow in London and the South East corner of England with 2-10cm away from the city centre</li>
<li>Thousands evacuate East Coast in preparation for storm surge tomorrow</li>
Snow in London tonight:

The snow right now in the South East of England with places like Kent, Surrey and Greater London seeing several cm's, is expected to ease now, and the attention turns to other risks and severe impacts.

There has also been a lot of snow in Scotland, with blizzard conditions expected in places here overnight.

The storm surge expected tomorrow means thousands have been evacuated on the East Coast. The severe gales bringing the surge will also allow for blizzard conditions in the high ground of Scotland and blustery snow showers down the East Coast tomorrow morning.

Some snow showers will affect Irish Sea Coasts overnight, for example Liverpool bay.

Most inland areas are expected to remain largely dry tonight, although an area of snow may give some light precipitation in land across Northern England towards the early hours, this feature will be more significant on the East Coast with 1-3cm patchy cover in places.

This image shows the areas most likely to see snowfall in the next 24 hours:

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