No Sign Of UK Summer. UK 5 Day Forecast.

So quite simply, where has our summer gone? The jet stream which is responsible for this “summer muck”, is right on top of the UK right now, developing and intensifying areas of rain and wind bearing low pressure systems as they progress into the UK.


Temperatures much below average – rain at times. A continuation of the rather unsettled conditions, sunny spells at times in the south, however for western and northern areas, very limited sunshine with rain and wind.


Something a little drier is evident in the south, especially on Sunday when it may actually get a little warm in the south east of England. For northern Ireland and Scotland, the Atlantic will still dominate here meaning more of the same, showers or longer spells of rain! Temperatures – cool in the north (in the teens), something slightly warmer in the south, but no wall to wall sunshine.


The start of the week will be quite unsettled with rain, wind and temperatures slightly below average, in fact some unusually stormy weather is possible on Wednesday of next week.

Subtle hints from the long range models suggest that warmer and drier weather is most likely between the 10th and 20th of August for the UK. This means that by next weekend (commencing Friday 11th August), perhaps just southern and central areas can expect something warmer and sunnier than we have been used to.