October to November weather forecast: colder than average temperatures?

Conditions are likely to become drier in the coming week, however the final week of October is probably going to become quite unsettled with the risk of wind and rain increasing.

November sees a higher chance of Northerly winds developing, which could give us our first seasonable, cold feel, with the risk of ground frost increasing, especially for rural areas. 


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Week 1: 18-25 OCT: Mainly dry for North. Unsettled at times South. Chilly for all.

Week 2: 25 Oct - 1 Nov: Becoming unsettled, more rainfall and higher wind speeds, especially for the North West, high pressure building later...

Week 3: 2nd Nov - 9th Nov: Increasingly cold, dry and settled, higher occurrence of night frosts and perhaps fog at times. Confidence at this range diminishes.

Throughout October so far, temperatures have been slightly below average for the time of year, however they are forecast to lift as we head into the final October of the month, with day time highs around 2C higher than present, however it will feel very Autumnal and raw.

There are increased signs for Northern blocking to develop into November, which is likely to bring spells of colder than average weather, with a high likelihood for frosty mornings and gloomy days, there is even the potential for some snow on the high ground, however this is only limited to the very high ground.

Elsewhere: the month is likely to be quite chilly compared to the norm, with a high occurrence of frosts and perhaps fog at times. There is always a threat that the Atlantic will come roaring back and provide mild, Westerly air flows and even high rainfall totals from time to time.

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