POLAR VORTEX ALERT: Get Ready for Winter: Severe US Cold Snap On Way…

So far temperatures have been fairly benign across the north east with little in the way of widespread, significant or disruptive snow to talk about, or in terms of low minima and cold weather either. That’s all about to change, all of the major computer weather models are highly confident in a “polar blast” starting around the 5th of December which could last a considerable amount oft time. The North East is expected to bear the brunt of the major cold & lake effect snowfall from the 5th on wards with temperatures projected to be as much as 10-20F BELOW average!

Winter 2017-2018 U.S By Location Forecast

The Cold Spell will set in on around the 5th of December for central northern states and central Canada such as Ontario and Manitoba. Severe Cold is Forecast to start on the 5th of December here which could last up to 10 days. At first showers will be light with not much snow around, the brutal cold will be the most notable with highs struggling at 20°F for large proportions, severe frost and ice is likely from the 6th to the 9th all the way from Wisconsin, down across the lakes and as far south as Kentucky.

The cold front itself which will give some heavy rain through the 4th of December isn’t expected to post a huge wintry threat, however ice forming overnight into the 5th & 6th of December after earlier rainfall is expected to be problem. By the 7th of December widespread lake effect snow, which could be heavy in places, is expected with the potential for some snow storms (no more than speculation at this stage), around the 8th to the 13th of December. Of course, the bitter cold will be the main thing, any speculative details regarding snow storms will be firmed up on nearer the time. Problems with lake effect snowfall we are more confident about at this stage, particularly on the eastern side of the lake. Up to 5″ is forecast in places.