Polar Vortex to Unleash “WINTER HELL” Into January

Once this deep area of low pressure responsible for the forecast of a major snow storm / blizzard in the upper NE tomorrow and on Friday clears out of the way, the forecast is to re introduce severely cold air from the Arctic, ie a piece of the Polar Vortex. Further heavy lake effect snow is then likely into next week as winds switch in the North, the same places such as Erie PA and Oswego, NY are likely to see very high snowfall totals.

U.S Winter 2017 – 2018 By Location Forecast

This area of low pressure is undergoing rapid cyclogenisis – characterized by a 1mb drop in pressure per hour, and is gaining immense fuel. The risk involves heavy sheet ice, brutal conditions, for areas within 150 miles of the coast in North and South Carolina, GA and VA, however further in land heavy snow can be expected with accumulations along the more southern coast, 3-5 inches. The western extent will be about the I85 through the Carolinas however severe ice will fall around and to the ast of the I95. The precipitation heading through NJ and Maryland will be lighter, but still cause some accumulation. The system will gain intensity as it heads into New York.

New York – 3-5″. Boston – up to 12 inches with Blizzard conditions. The storm will whip up brutal conditions across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine late Thursday and into Friday with wind gusts up to 120kmh, hurricane force gusts, and over 70mph and sustained winds over 35mph, almost tropical storm force in places. If the severe ice storm expected between Jacksonville and Norfolk wasn’t enough, the heavy snow a little further east and blizzard in the far NE (Maine), will. RISKS: The severe ice will likely produce power outages and appalling road conditions, and the heavy snow will drift in the strong winds, cutting off roads especially on high ground areas, some rural isolated areas even at low levels may be cut off in the red zone.