Updated United States Winter 2017-2018 Map

Snowfall Prediction: Greatly above average for the north west and north. Close to average elsewhere with an average frequency of blizzards for the NE, above avg for the Pacific NW. By State.

Map Winter 2017/2018 By Location Forecast

La Nina for Winter 2017/2018

La Nina is menacing for Winter 2017/2018. La Nina increases snow volume for the north west and north around the great lakes. With other factors combined, an early warning may be prompted for a brutal, harsh winter for the north west of the states. Places like Montana, Washington, Oregon could see a very harsh winter for 2017/2018. A relatively “warm and wet” winter seems probable for further southern and eastern regions, anywhere from Texas to New York south eastwards could see a relatively warm, wet winter. Midland areas in the north like the Dakotas could also see a harsh winter, but not quite like is expected up NW.

Last winter saw somewhat of a North West / East split with the brunt of the cold, snowy and bad winter weather in the north west with upper parts of Montana and California seeing 300% of their average snowfall, with eastern and central places in a much milder contrast

Winter 2017/2018 forecast United States

As for central areas, expect a fairly average winter with perhaps an increased volume of ice storms in a line from Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky. The forecast could change, so please stay tuned for changes in the coming weeks.