Remnants of Hurricane Maria could threaten the UK with a Storm

Image: Remnants of Maria racing towards the UK by the 30th of September:

The weather over the next week or so, up to the 1st of October will be split east to west. Western parts can expect longer spells of rain and windier conditions with some sunshine, temperatures around average. Eastern areas more settled, spells of rain tending to be light with temperatures a notch above average. Eyes turn to the Atlantic for the remnants of hurricane Maria during the first week of October, that could bring a spell of stormy weather to parts of the UK.

In weather forecasting terms, this is still a “while away”, and things can change, however there have been increasing signals that the remnants of Hurricane Maria could get stuck in the jet stream during the first couple of days of October, and race towards the UK potentially bringing severe gales and heavy rain during the first few days of October. Although the new working week will be very varied in terms of sunshine and rainfall, temperatures will be around average. Heavy rainfall is expected in Wednesday though, and could be persistent enough to cause a few issues. A brief incursion of “better” weather can be expected on Thursday, before a downhill weekend as all eyes then turn west.