Remnants of Hurricane Set to bring UK Tropical Warmth

Hurricane Gert, a feature 200 miles off the east coast of North America is likely to fuel a very warm spell early next week. The hurricane is storing vast amounts of warm, humid and tropical air, as it heads towards Iceland and northern Britain next week, it will have the affect of building subtropical warmth across southern areas.

Summer is likely to return on Sunday and into Monday, both of which are looking very warm (and humid). As a progression to something more unsettled occurs through Tuesday and into Wednesday, there’s a possibility of some thundery downpours and generally unsettled weather. Before perhaps, a return to something brighter and warmer from Thursday on wards.

The next few days are looking generally changeable, with the south east seeing the lions share of any sun. Through the weekend, though the north will remain unsettled, southern areas will see a build of warmth and sunshine, before potentially becoming very warm for a short time from Sunday into early next week, 28°C (80F) is possible in the south.