Risk of UK-Blizzards as severely cold air takes hold next week

Severe cold and heavy snow just about summarize the forecast for next week. Strong winds on Tuesday into Wednesday means that lying snow will drift around in a near gale force easterly wind, and constant snow showers are likely to affect many places, those further north east are more likely to see disruptive snowfall by Wednesday, however just about anywhere in the country is at risk. For a more refined forecast for Your Area, use our interactive map below, warning maps for each day of next week also appear further down the page.

Monday. A bitterly cold day with in land areas struggling to get above freezing, a good deal of winter sunshine out west, however notably more cloud for central and eastern parts. A severe wind chill for all locations. Highs: 0-3C. Snow flurries, scattered in the east throughout the day will lead to patchy slight accumulations, especially later on in the far South East and perhaps Yorkshire, some possible further west.

Tuesday. A more persistent area of snow is likely to affect Northern England, parts of Mid and North Wales and the North Midlands very early on, with 2-5cm likely quite widely. Later in the day more snow showers will affect central and eastern parts of England, Scotland. Some significant accumulations likely in places, however other places only slight accumulations. A severe wind chill across the board. Highs: -2C to 2C. Wind chill: -7C to -10C.

Wednesday. A near gale force easterly wind – frequent heavy snow showers affecting much of central and eastern England, and Scotland. Some snow showers affecting more western parts to. More frequent heavy snow likely across the central belt of Scotland, and NE England. Staying below freezing for most locations. 10-15cm falling by this stage quite widely in the east, with 2-5cm further west. Close to a foot (30cm) of snow is possible for parts of the Pennines. It can’t be ruled out that places to lower levels will see similar totals. Snow also affecting central and eastern Ireland. Drifting of snow likely. Highs: -4C to +1C.

The cold is almost unprecedented for this country. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday most places will struggle to hit freezing point, and anywhere above 100m asl will likely stay several degrees below. Severe penetrating overnight frosts are likely with heavy snow showers arriving on Tuesday afternoon and lasting through much of Wednesday. Tuesday is when the weather gets increasingly severe, as you will find out below. Totals are likely to be in excess of 30cm (1ft) in places, with drifts even more. It’s difficult to say exactly where will get the most totals, more refined places will be talked about tomorrow and on Monday.

The forecast becomes increasingly uncertain on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday. Perhaps less in the way of snow showers for central areas, with Scotland and NE England holding onto heavy snow showers. A very strong easterly wind with more persistent snow likely across southern areas, particularly SW England. Staying below freezing for most.

Friday. Winds still strong to very strong and very cold. Further snow showers affecting eastern Scotland. The risk and no more a risk of persistent snow affecting large parts of the country late Thursday into Friday, heavy at times leading to very significant accumulations and drifting of snow in a gale force easterly wind, disruption likely if occurs (uncertainty regarding track of low – some mixing with rain/sleet is possible in the far south as slightly less cold air arrives.). One we are keeping a very, very close eye on. Remaining bitterly cold for central and northern areas.