SEVERE FREEZE WARNING – UK to endure Ferocious -12°C Widely on Monday Night

Large swathes of the country as predicted have been impacted by snow, and tomorrow night is forecast to be “ferociously cold”, however the forecast becomes increasingly complex on Monday, some light/moderate spells of snow are forecast for southern areas, especially for example Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. Some light or moderate spells of snow are possible in a wider region encompassing Kent/SE England, elsewhere, clear but extremely cold weather will infiltrate in.

Temperatures really will plummet on Monday night, it could be the coldest of the year so far with -12°C/10.4F likely in many rural locations. Most city centers will hold up around -5°C, however under light winds and given snow cover -10°C is possible even in more built up urban areas. The cold will create it’s own problems in that places that have remained snow – free may be severely impacted by ice on Tuesday. There’s further snow in forecast tomorrow morning though – across southern counties of England some light snow is possible however this could turn moderate in a few places, up to 10cm (4in), could fall across hillier parts of the south, with 2-5cm to lower levels however