SNOW ALERT: 90MPH Storm Caroline to introduce Heavy Snow Showers on Friday

Cold air will arrive across just about all parts on Thursday evening with heavy wintry showers arriving in north western areas. As these are showers we are dealing with, variation in intensity and therefore snow accumulation will vary greatly place to place, and as these are risk maps, not everywhere in the risk area will see the poor conditions. However you can generaly treat them as a rough guide. The snow showers, which will be heavy in places will continue through Friday.

Mainly dry in the south and east, however a few stray wintry showers are possible. It will be cold everywhere on Friday and Saturday with temperatures around 4C colder than normal. The cold will continue on Sunday, however it will turn unsettled from the west with the risk of more prolonged rain, sleet and snow increasing. Details regarding Sunday’s forecast will be firmed up on in the coming days regarding the snow risk however.

After a very windy day on Thursday, the cold air will be with us all on Friday with heavy snow showers blown in on what will still be a very strong, in places gale for north or north north westerly wind. Temperatures will be significantly below average, with day time highs struggling to just 3 or 4C in many areas.

Wind gusts of up to 100mph/160kmh are possible across northern Scotland on Thursday and severe disruption is likely, especially during the early afternoon. Elsewhere it will still be windy, however the disruptive winds will be confined to Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland where just about anywhere here gusts of 60mph/100kmh are possible however.