STORM DYLAN WARNING: Severe Gales Expected Tomorrow⚠️

After a fairly benign winter so far with regards to storms, with only 1 fierce storm, the second storm is forecast to arrive tomorrow and will produce severe gale force winds across swathes of the British Isles & Ireland. Normal windy conditions will affect central and southern England and Wales early on Friday, before severe, disruptive winds start to affect northern parts of Northern Ireland and Central Scotland with potential power outages. UK Wind Warning:

Although much of England, Wales, central and southern parts of Ireland will see gusty winds, perhaps up to 40mph in places, higher up to 50mph around coasts, the severe gales & potentially disruptive weather will affect the far NW of Ireland (Mayo/Donegal), the north of Northern Ireland, early AM, and slightly later in the day transferring to central Scotland, guts in these areas may exceed 70mph (110kmh), in places with a high risk to transport disruption. Cold air hanging onto the Scottish Highlands will produce some snow to elevation however