Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast: Parts of England on Snow Alert

The cold weather has arrived and is here to stay through the remainder of the week. Overnight tonight all areas will be a cold with a frost away from coastal fringes, temperatures dipping down as low as -6°C in rural locations. Through the day central and western areas will stay predominantly dry, however an increasingly strong, cold northerly wind will drive showers along the north east coast of Scotland and through the day north east England, Lincolnshire and parts of East Anglia. The showers within the cold air will be wintry, especially high ground, places like the north york moors and Lincolnshire wolds could see a covering of snow through the day.

In the strong wind conditions will be bitter, temperatures will reach 3 or 4°C however the wind chill will knock a few degrees of that, so it will feel for most sub zero.

Wintry showers will continue on and off across eastern coastal counties on Thursday afternoon / evening, with a dusting possible in places and up to 5cm on hills above 150m. Some lighter sleet / snow showers are also possible a little further in land across eastern England, however this will be very patchy and hit and miss in nature.

Another widespread ground, and in places air frost on Friday, however unlike Thursday most of the showers to lower levels will fall as sleet rather than wet snow, with the showers retreating to coastal areas, leaving most of us dry, sunny but again cold with a strong northerly wind. Later in the day some light rain and hill snow could arrive in the north west. High temperatures of around 3 to 7°C.