Turning very cold for all with blizzard conditions in the far north

Following on from a very wet and windy day with widespread gale force wind gusts on Wednesday, temperatures will take a big dive in the north on Thursday with for example Glasgow close to 11°C during Wednesday evening – however more like just 0-2°C 24 hours later. The cold air will infiltrate to all parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland by Thursday evening with snow in the forecast for some…

Something of a north west / south east split is apparent for Thursday morning with the bulk of England holding onto pleasantly “less cold” air, whilst the bitterly cold Arctic air arrives in Scotland and northern Ireland with showers turning increasingly windy on ground above 150-200 metres. Eventually through Thursday afternoon rain or sleet (potentially even wet snow to hills) across central and southern England and Wales will clear to make way for brighter spells but significantly cold. Wintry showers across north west England, northern Ireland and Scotland, a mixture of rain, hail sleet and snow to lower levels by this stage.

A very windy day on both Wednesday on Thursday, with a severe wind chill in the north as the Arctic air arrives on Thursday.

Very strong, gale force north westerly winds will be apparent through much of the country on Thursday, especially in the north, adding to the cold feel of the day especially where snow showers fall in highland Scotland, exacerbating the risk of blizzards and drifting on the high ground with severe wind chill.

Elsewhere, potentially some rain, sleet or maybe even snow in the far south on Thursday evening but a clearance as the cold air arrives is due. As very cold air arrives on Friday most of the showers across central and northern areas will fall readily as snow. More sheltered areas in land may just get away from the showers and remain dry, crisp but also very cold, however some snow is possible even here – more details will follow.

The main story on Friday will be the severe wind chill, very cold weather and heavy wintry showers of sleet, hail and snow in the north with significant accumulations across the Scottish highlands and some settling snow possible to lower ground especially in the north, however places exposed to the “Cheshire gap streamer” on Friday could also see some significant snow, the risk of wintry showers would also be present in Wales and parts of SW England who are also exposed to the Arctic northerly.

Forecast maximum temperatures on Friday, some places in the North remaining below freezing.

Although the air will be cold enough for snow even in the south, the exact extent of showers, or prolonged spells of wintry precipitation remains uncertain at this period – again keep an eye out. Temperatures on Friday in the north will struggle to just 0°C generally but it will feel more like -10°C in exposure on the coast to a gale force northerly.

Although snow is possible just about anywhere in the UK on Friday due to disturbances (small areas of low pressure caught up in the northerly air flow), which could produce snow even down south, however details regarding the exact locations of these remains uncertain even closer to the event.

The main story is, turning very cold from the north on Thursday with widespread snow showers on Friday across northern areas, particularly on coastal areas, it will also be very cold in the south to, with temperatures struggling to 5°C at very best. It will remain cold during the weekend, with a further risk of wintry weather, however winds should ease down somewhat, increasing the risk of frost, which could be quite hard in places. Forecast written by Kasim @ veryweather.co.uk.