UK 10 Day Outlook – Any Sign Of Summer?

SUNDAY – England and Wales will have a dry morning and early afternoon with lengthy sunny spells. However a freshening breeze with cloud and outbreaks of rain will affect western Scotland and Northern Ireland from the word go, these gradually spreading into western areas by tea time, however will not reach the bulk of England at all. Temperatures will be around average.

MONDAY – scattered showers interspersed by brighter spells for Scotland and Northern Ireland, northern England and Wales. Further south east, a cold front will become slow moving across the midlands and south west England, some heavy rain is possible later. The south east of England will escape this until the late evening. Temperatures around average.

TUESDAY – with low pressure nearby, showers or longer spells of rain for all, strong northerly wind.

Disappointing temperatures, 12-19C countrywide.

WEDNESDAY – Though Scotland and Northern Ireland will dry up, there will be more organized rain across the bulk of England and Wales, suppressing temperatures significantly.

THURSDAY 10th August – High Pressure Advancing from the West

This will improve things a lot out west. The SE of England will cling onto the last of the poorer weather

NEXT WEEKEND (11th-13th)

The general trend from the long range forecast models suggests an increase of pressure.

The jet stream will become positioned further north, keeping Scotland and Northern Ireland on the cool and showery side, and by this stage brighter and drier in the south with the warmth building. It’s good news as by next Friday and the following weekend, 23°C temps will become widespread in the south.

Toward the end of the weekend Scotland and Northern Ireland become increasingly unsettled, windy and wet – but as mentioned pressure keeping things fine in the south.