SNOW ALERT: Warning for Snow in Eastern Parts on THURSDAY… Some Significant Snow possible

It’s already turned cold across all parts of the United Kingdom and, it’s about to turn much colder for both tomorrow and Thursday, with snow showers in the north eastern quadrant of the country turning to snow, which is forecast to be fairly significant on Thursday. Please access the relevant region on the interactive map below for refined details on the snow warnings issued.

If you live in central, southern and western areas, any showers are likely to be light and fairly insignificant, just a cold few days with overnight frosts. It’s the eastern coast that we’re concerned about, anywhere from Inverness, through Aberdeen, Newcastle, Hull and Lincolnshire, say even Norfolk, Norwich etc could see a sizable fall of snow on Thursday. Elsewhere largely dry with heavy wintry showers confined to west Wales and the moors of south west England.

Through Thursday as the snow showers fall in the east, winds are forecast to be strong leading to low visibility, high level routes above 300m could be significantly impacted with in general difficult driving conditions likely in the orange zone indicated.

The showers across west Wales and south west England are not likely to fall as snow to low levels, so don’t pose as a significant issue, central areas dry crisp clear and cold. Temperatures really struggling on Thursday to, where the snow falls on the east coast no higher than 0-2C, and just 3-4C in land, touching 6C in the west. Overnight frosts will be hard and, a risk of icy patches exists especially after day time wintry showers.

Some, forecast to be by now lighter, snow showers will remain on the east coast on Friday morning however through the day these will likely stop. All areas dry with a good deal of sunshine, cold again with more cloud in the north west, some light rain or hill snow possible in Scotland. Another bitterly cold day. The forecast notes slightly less cold mixed weather into the weekend, frost becoming more patchy in general. Through next week, it will slowly turn colder with a risk of further snow entering the forecast, especially in the north however.