Weather Prediction for the week ahead – staying dry.


High pressure remaining in charge giving dry conditions with sporadic outbreaks of rain in the South on Sunday night and Monday.

Becoming significantly warmer in the South as we head through next week, however it will bring increased cloud amounts.


Low frost risk for all apart from rural Scotland during all nights apart from Friday night, where frost is possible as far South as North Wales.

SATURDAY: A frost risk ever prevalent across rural Scotland and Wales. Higher amounts of Autumn sunshine than experienced today, especially across the mainland. Very dry conditions for everyone with increased cloud only for Central and Northern Scotland. Winds tracking into the East so feeling increasingly chilly with maximums of 5/6C for the North and up to 12C for London/SE.

SUNDAY: A Strengthening Easterly wind will give a gloomy day for some Eastern coastal counties, however further West promises greater sunshine. Again, a chilly feel in the wind. Less of a frost risk, however a notably cold day.

Southern areas of England will be exposed to cloud and potentially heavy rain during the evening.

MONDAY: Sporadic outbreaks of light rain heading North and fizzling out to give sunny spells throughout most of the day, Southerly winds by now will provide milder conditions for Southern areas.

However, Scotland and NI will hold onto the chilly air mass and see a frost risk early and late.

TUESDAY: Sporadic light rain dying a death across parts of Northern England however could present a drizzly feature through the day. A day of very light static winds and cool air, in the countryside frost could form as far South as the Pennines with temperatures widely touching 0C across Central Scotland. Cloud amounts will greatly increase from the West during the day with the South East holding onto the best of the sunshine. Temperatures rising slightly for all, however the gradual increase through the early part of the week will be painfully slow.

WEDNESDAY: Much milder Westerly winds bringing scattered clouds and increased temperatures for pretty much the whole of the UK. Temperatures may reach 16C, 61F across Southern areas of England, however sunshine may be sporadic in general. More cloud in general for Central and Northern areas, with a fresh and at times notable Westerly wind. Rain for the far North.

THURSDAY: Rain becoming very light or no existent in the North and dry elsewhere with varying cloud amounts, a mild day with temperatures up to 16C in the South with some sunshine, but also some fog possible in the far South which should clear by mid morning. Winds again, notable or breezy with gusts up to 25/30mph given exposure to the wind. Little frost risk.

Outlook: More high pressure and dry weather for the remainder of the month. A dry start to November is likely.