UK Weather Update: Is this Strange “Cold” weather here to stay?…

There’s a distinct Autumnal chill in the air across the UK right now, and that is going to continue for the rest of this week (Friday), and including virtually the entire weekend. Overnight temperatures will be cold enough for a touch of ice in rural countryside locations, and day time maxima will struggle to reach 10C in Scotland, 13-17C will be typical for central and southern areas.

Friday will be a very mixed weather wise, scattered showers through the day, some sunny interludes however it will not feel warm by anyone’s standards, especially in exposure to that keen northerly airflow. Saturday begins on an even chillier note for northern areas, there could be a few icy patches in northern rural locations after day time showers. Most northern parts, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England should escape with some sunshine, however more cloud, with scattered showers will be ever present in the south.

A ridge of high pressure will allow for a greater risk of ground frost on Sunday AM, however through the day that same high pressure area will allow for more settled weather, with lighter winds and some sunshine, also feeling “warmer” than of late, especially across south western areas. Eastern counties will hold onto a more changeable influence. That improved state of weather will continue through Monday and Tuesday, with sunny spells and “reasonable” temperatures becoming the story, rather than the current cool & showery theme.