UK WINTER STORM WARNING: Heavy Snow & Severe Gales Tomorrow Night

Two area of concern. Firstly, a period of heavy rain tomorrow evening is likely to turn to snow towards midnight across the North Midlands, North Wales, much of Northern Ireland and Northern England. Some snow is likely across Northern Ireland from arond 9pm however the snow will arrive across the North Midlands, Lincolnshire, Northern England and North /East Wales around 11pm on wards, with strong winds meaning trans pennine routes could be severely snow affected overnight. A wrap around feature means more prolonged snow combined with gale force north easterly winds is likely during the early hours of Thursday for North East England parts of East Yorkshire. Wind gusts of 50MPH+ will affect this area at this time.

Wednesday overnight into Thursday:

Then, a more severe swathe of wind gusts will likely affect much of Ireland, England and Wales overnight Wednesday into Thursday. Winds will start to hit 60mph+ for Irish sea coastal areas by midnight on Thursday with a swathe of more intense, 60-70mph wind gusts potentially crossing the Midlands, during the early hours of Thursday, however here there will likely be little wintry precipitation at the time. A spell of more intense 80mph+ wind gusts is possible for the far south east of England and the east coast – Essex/Sussex for example, during the rush hour of Thursday.

There are some uncertainties around however – some computer models suggest the worst of the winds/ snow will be slightly further south than those mentioned, however the above is the most likely scenario as of present.

Before then there is still significant wintry weather to contend with over the next 24 hours, heavy snow showers for much of Scotland and Northern Ireland, with heavy wintry showers for Northern England and North Wales, before the storm arrives tomorrow night. Bear in mind – not everywhere in the area mentioned above will see snow, the showery set up over the next 24 hours is in a hit and miss nature, one place may see very little whilst 2 miles down the road… 10cm, one to bear in mind if travelling especially over higher routes. The system tomorrow (Wednesday) night will likely rattle some windows across the country with 60mph gusts, however away from the east of the country, as a swathe of 60-70mph+ winds impact Essex/the SE early Thursday, little severe weather will occur during daylight hours. Those travelling overnight Wed/Thu need to keep a close eye on the forecast, Northern Ireland, Northern England & North Midlands.