United Kingdom set for Arctic Shot, as first Cold Air of the Winter arrives.

It's been a frustrating winter so far for snow lovers and cold weather geeks, though thankfully those of us whom rely on clear roads, it has been a very giving winter, although there has been a seasonable amount of frost and ice on offer.

The jet stream is going to strengthen over the coming days, meaning much more unsettled, wet and windy conditions are on offer next week. However, from Friday and into next weekend, expect a slight but notable dip in the temperatures, with wintry showers falling around Northern Coasts.

There could be some snowflakes further South to, in any heavier showers next weekend, however any snow here will be temporary and is not expected to pose any travel disruption. The change to colder conditions could also come with some strong, stormy winds in Scotland, the far North of England and Northern Ireland as frequent wintry showers are expected next weekend, between the 12th and 15th of January, signs are it will turn slightly milder during the following week commencing 16th January...


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