Strong Jet Stream Next Week – Early Weather Watch Issued As Flooding Concerns Raised

The deterioration in the UK’s summer is forecast to continue and although many areas will escape with a fair weekend, the jet stream is back with a vengeance next week, with 2 potentially disruptive “Summer lows” to look out for. The first of which poses the threat of very heavy rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, to see more about the Early Weather Watch in your region, access it on our interactive map below.

Central parts of England could see very high rainfall totals through Tuesday afternoon and into Wednesday, perhaps up to 50mm (2 inches) across central England with a wider area getting 20-40mm. Ground at the moment is significantly more saturated compared to earlier in the summer, therefore it will take less rainfall to raise flooding concerns.

Please be aware, that although central England is currently in the highest risk zone, forecast amendments are likely over the coming days, meaning a slightly different area could be placed in the warning zone.