A powerful winter storm is expected to bring a nasty mix of severe gale force winds across the extreme north east of the country on Friday and into Saturday. The far north east, ie Maine and neighboring areas (New Brunswick, NovaS), into Canada is expected to see very strong winds and heavy snow on Friday night into Saturday, blizzard conditions are likely, however right on the coast some mixing with rain is forecast.

U.S Winter 2017-2018 By Location Forecast

Some snow is expected to brush coastal counties of north and south Carolina on Friday, however this will mostly be light. The combination of light snow and strong winds gives a low risk of travel disruption, a yellow watch has been issued. Similar conditions – light snow and strong winds will track up the east coast, likely affecting New York city with 1-2 inches of snow and Boston later on Friday. The severe weather will be in Maine, perhaps eastern New Hampshire/Vt, with moderate to heavy bursts of wet snow and gale force winds. Blizzard conditions are forecast here, into New Brunswick whilst Nova Scotia, Canada will see a mix of snow/rain to low levels with heavy snow on high ground. Storm totals will vary between 6 to 18 inches in the orange area.