WARNING: Hurricane Ophelia heading towards the UK

Hurricane Ophelia is currently a category 1 hurricane and although will become a “post tropical” hurricane/storm by the time it passes Spain/Portugal, is likely to retain significant strength as it makes progression into Ireland and the UK as early as Sunday and Monday. Hit Your Region on the warning map below for more information.

Click Here if you are in Ireland.

Although the east may well escape the worst of conditions, Ophelia is likely to bring a large storm surge as well as powerful severe gales or even hurricane force winds across Ireland and as far east as Irish sea coastal counties. There’s still significant uncertainty about the exact track that Ophelia will take. Monday is likely to be a rough one for the west with places like Ireland and Wales potentially bearing the brunt of it. There is still significant uncertainty regarding Ophelia’s exact track. A shift eastwards or westwards could make all the difference however.