WARNING: STORM to hit UK with 90mph Winds + Storm Surge TONIGHT ⚠️

A major wind storm is expected to hit the British Isles and Ireland overnight, with strong winds into tomorrow causing further transport disruption.

The environment agency has issued a fresh batch of flood warnings across western coastal areas, as strong winds tonight co incide with high tide which is expected shortly before mid night. At the same time, wind gusts of 80mph are expected widely along the coasts of central and southern Ireland, the north coast of Devon, Cornwall and other Irish sea coasts. Winds will start to howl towards midnight for much of England and Wales, with gusts of 50 or 60 mph possible, strong enough to break tree branches and cause isolated power outages.

A nasty secondary storm will form in the Irish sea and will likely bring severe, hurricane force wind gusts (up to 90mph) to the west coast of Cumbria, the Isle of Man into the early hours of Wednesday, by this stage high tide should start to subside however major residual coastal flooding is likely. Scotland should miss out on the worst conditions, however some severe gales are possible on places near the border with England.

Although winds will start to ease down later in the day tomorrow, winds will still be very strong so some further transport disruption is possible however