POTENTIAL BLIZZARD – Extreme Cold & Heavy Snow to bring UK to a STANDSTILL.

The forecast remains unchanged for next week with the coldest temperatures since 2010 (8 years) forecast, a snapshot for Wednesday shows much of the country under fairly deep snow. Widely 4-8 inches is forecast with more in places. Drifting of snow means many rural roads will become impassable even after plowing. Rural communities must be on high alert for the potential of becoming cut-off… warning maps for each day of next week also appear further down the page.

End of the week special notice …Potential BLIZZARD across large parts of the country… Read More Below on this page..

For a more refined forecast for your area, use our interactive map below;

Monday. Extremely cold across the board with temperatures struggling to reach 0C. Scattered light snow showers leading to minor accumulations across eastern areas. To see Monday’s Warning Map please click here.

Tuesday. Extremely cold with frequent heavy snow showers. An area of more organized snow passing across large swathes of the country early on, especially Yorkshire, Lincolnshire the Pennines and the North Midlands/Wales. 5-10cm possible in places. Later on frequent bands of snow affecting eastern counties with very significant (10-20cm) of snow and central and western areas with 2-5cm of snow. Increasingly gale force easterly winds picking up the snow and blowing it into drifts likely to cut off rural and remote communities from day to day life;

Notice how there’s also an area of special interest over the far south east of England, especially over Essex, Greater London and surrounding areas; more persistent outbreaks of moderate to heavy snow are likely here with 5-15cm possible in some areas, however accumulations will vary largely.

Although Monday and Tuesday will be severely cold, the exceptionally cold, brutally cold air is anticipated on both Wednesday and Thursday. The vast majority will stay below freezing with severe penetrating frost brought on by an easterly gale that will lead to wind chills close to -20C in many locations.


Later on Thursday and into Friday Atlantic moisture is likely to make in roads into the severely cold air. This will tighten the pressure gradient and lead to widespread gales on Thursday with drifting of snow occurring in exposed, rural and upland locations. There is a high level of uncertainty regarding the forecast late on Thurs & into Friday. 1 scenario is that the low pressure swings into the country, producing nationwide blizzards and heavy drifting snow. Snow accumulations would be severe with several inches across large swathes of the country… As the system is still 5 days away, nailing down particular zones likely to see the blizzard is not possible at this time, *ADJUSTMENTS & AMENDMENTS TO SPECIFIC AREAS ARE LIKELY*.

Please take this seriously, this weather system could be very disruptive.

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