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Privacy policy

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Section 2 user data. Through the use of google analytics, uses data about the it’s users. We in no way use this information to wrongly track individual users, and the detail of information received does not permit us to do this, neither does various legislation. We track information about users “in bulk”, we can see how many visits have come from which country. Other statistics about user behavior on our site, such as average time spent on site, etc, is used. We use this data to improve the quality of our site, and target content based on the demographics of our website.
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Section 4 comments. Comments are usually turned off on posts, you have the ability to send us messages on facebook and on twitter, if you would wish to email to leave a comment or regarding any aspect of our site you can do at [email protected]
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Section 5 Social Media. Our social media pages, are independent of, however work closely in partnership.

Section 5.1: Our main social media page, Severe Weather Updates, powers Various aspects of the following text also apply to

Severe Weather Updates was founded in October 2014 and aims to bring increased functionality, awareness and up to date information about severe weather events using the added benefit of social media’s inside user’s experiences and footage. During severe weather events such as hurricanes, storms, snow (blizzards) and heatwaves, for the United Kingdom, United States and Canada, information shared by us is very popular on Facebook and reaches huge audiences. Some users post their own footage, info and updates which is useful for other users.
We utilize humor to bring an added aspect of enjoyment on this page, however we understand that not everybody appreciates the humorous aspect of weather.
As is with any page, sometimes people wish to use unwanted language. We have no place for this on our page, and comments will be deleted, and the second comment will result in a ban from our page, although we do appreciate that 99.9% of you will not need to see this.
We aim to continue to expand our services, which include live streams which allow users to track the position of severe weather, bear in mind these are only operated during severe weather events like hurricanes or large thunderstorm outbreaks.
Any footage posted on our page that does not directly belong to us is credited and used either with permission or; granted use by fair use act The “Freedom and Innovation Revitalizing United States Entrepreneurship Act of 2007” (FAIR USE Act).
We hope you enjoy the facilities on our page, as well as the extra dimension that humor offers on our page. If you have any questions related to the functionality of this page, please message us.
Written by head admin.