Map shows alarming rate Amazon is being burnt to the ground

Wildfires are a normal occurrence in this part of the world. However, recent human activity, including illegal management of land, has produced conditions that are allowing these wildfires to flourish.

Recently the city of Sao Paulo was plunged into the dark of night during the day as a result of smoke produced from these wildfires. It is also sending smoke across large parts of the Southern Hemisphere, albeit in concentrations lower than at the site of the wildfire, but still high enough to pose a risk to air travel and similar.

The image below shows how much Carbon Monoxide is being produce from the burning of the rainforest, as you can see fairly significant quantities are being carried into the Southern Hemisphere by upper level winds. (Image credit: Severe Weather Europe / Andrej Flis).


Every minute (during the day) an area of roughly 3 football pitches is being cleared. The increased smoke produced from these wildfires can cause health problems for those with respiratory issues.

Absolute Scorchio confirmed for this Bank Holiday Weekend

An absolutely stunning weekend ahead for much of the British Isles – in fact it could be record – breakingly hot with temperatures over 30C by Sunday in southern England – so almost a “heat wave” in fact.

By Sunday large parts of England, Wales and southern Scotland are baking in the very warm to hot temperatures as per below (credit: meteociel):

By Monday temperatures are still very warm to hot across much of England and Wales – largely 25-30C. It will be that bit fresher and more comfortable on coastal areas, making this bank holiday weekend pretty much perfect for many coastal beach destinations.

Most probable maximum temperatures on Sunday:

London: 31C

Birmingham: 30C

Manchester: 27C

Leeds: 26C

Glasgow: 25C

Belfast: 23C

Monday’s highs on the Meteociel chart:

Notice however, it is a lot cooler for the far north of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, here there will be increased cloud and perhaps some more significant rain on Monday, before more widely some outbreaks rain and perhaps thunderstorms affect larger parts of the UK later on in the week, however next week looks widely very warm, and for a time early on in the week (up to say Wednesday) temperatures could easily reach 30-32C in south east England perhaps, very warm for the time of year! Make the most of the nice weather, it’ll soon be Autumn!

Forecasters confirm “No Snow is expected in the next 30 days”

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UK weather forecasters have recently confirmed that there will be “no snow for at least 30 days” in recent reports.

After the recent severe weather, it is of upmost important to keep people in the know how when it comes to the forecast.

⚠️UK Weather Warnings: heavy rain and gales for some

And although there’s a fair amount of unusually windy, wet and Autumn weather, which you can read about via the link above, there is no real snow in the forecast, for at least 30 days.

“Temperatures will remain above the threshold for wintry precipitation (including hail, sleet, ice pellets and snow) for at least 30 days, safe to say you can put the grit and woolly coat away!”

Wild weekend ahead: UK weather warnings for Gales and Heavy Rain

A nasty weekend for some of us with a mixture of strong winds and heavy rain. There are various Met Office weather warnings in force for heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds. After a relatively calm day today, heavy outbreaks of rain and strengthening southerly winds are expected for most areas tonight.

That rain will linger in Scotland and Northern Ireland through tomorrow, Friday. Further south, for the majority of England and Wales it will be a changeable day, some showers but also some sunny spells, though these probably short lived in any given area. Winds will also be unusually strong, touching 40 or 50mph quite widely in gusts. These strong winds will persist into Saturday.

Forecast wind gusts midnight on Saturday, a very windy night in the south (reds = 50-60mph).

Saturday looks like another wet day in the North with further showers, which at times could be heavy and thundery. Further south, there will be some showers, especially for Wales and Northern England, however for the Midlands and South Eastern England there will also be some fair weather on Saturday. Tempered by a very strong, unseasonably strong westerly wind. On exposed southern and western coasts of England and Wales wind speeds could touch 50 or 60mph, even fairly widely inland 40 to 50mph is likely. These strengths could bring down trees in places, especially given the recent wet weather.

Further North, rain will be the main issue. The following graphic shows forecast rainfall totals between now and Sunday evening. Notice the deeper colors focused around southern Scotland, Cumbria and nearby areas. These are rainfall totals nearing 4-5 inches, that is enough to produce a risk of flooding.

This means rainfall could be a major issue for the weekend, especially in these more northern areas, both persistent rainfall through tomorrow and then showers on and off through the weekend for these more northern areas. It wont be as wet further south, but nonetheless still showery, and winds very strong.

Update: Peak District Dam still at “Critical Level” warn police

Police warn that evacuation orders / advice should still be taken seriously, as “the structural integrity of the dam wall is still at a critical level and there is still a substantial threat to life should the dam wall fail”.

Image: Severe Weather Updates 2019

An RAF Chinook helicopter was called in last night and so far 200 tonnes of sand and gravel have been transported from nearby Long hill road, to the dam site. Another 200 tonnes are still to be placed on site. The idea is that the weight of the aggregate (sand and gravel) counteracts the shear weight of the water acting on the weak dam wall area. Hopefully this will be enough to stop the dam from breaking, however it is still unsafe to be in the town which is mostly in the direct path of water if the dam were to breach.

The Environment Agency still have a severe flood warning out for the area. Although skies are blue over Whaley Bridge right now, and as a result water levels are dropping, the structural integrity of the dam is still poor. Pumps deployed have managed to drop the water level in the dam by half a metre.

The Environment Agency say “River levels in the River Goyt could still rise rapidly as a result of persistent rain and water coming from Toddbrook Reservoir on 01/08/2019. Evacuation plans are currently underway for the area of Whaley Bridge. If you believe that you are in immediate danger, please call 999. Please be aware of your surroundings, keep up to date with the current situation, and avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses.” Although this was issued yesterday, it is still in force for today.

Derbyshire Police have been helping locals. In their most recent update they said “Anyone who has been displaced, and has not already attended the evacuation rendezvous point at Chapel High School, is still able to do so by attending the school in Long Lane, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, SK23 0TQ.”

“Further, anybody who does not have their prescription medicine available to them as a result of the evacuation can make sure that they quickly and easily get what they need by calling NHS 111.”

“A residents meeting will be taking place at Chapel High School at 5pm today where representatives from Derbyshire Constabulary, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and High Peak Borough Council will be available to answer questions from residents.”

BREAKING: “Danger to life” – Evacuations underway as Peak District dam may collapse

Following 8 inches of rainfall in the last 4 days, the dam at Toddbrook reservoir in Whaley Bridge is at risk of collapsing. Experts have been called in to assess the structure, which has started to collapse in sections. If the dam does collapse, this puts large areas of Whaley Bridge and other small towns in the High Peak at risk of flooding.

The Environment Agency have issued a “Severe flood warning”, at the river Goyt in Whaley Bridge, meaning severe flooding is a real possibility from this. Although a full collapse is not a definite – this is a life threatening event.

The Environment agency say “River levels in the River Goyt could rise rapidly as a result of water coming from Toddbrook Reservoir on 01/08/2019 at 14:00. Evacuation plans are currently underway for the area of Whaley Bridge. If you believe that you are in immediate danger, please call 999. Please be aware of your surroundings, keep up to date with the current situation, and avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses.”

Update from Derbyshire Police at 2.15pm Thursday 1 August:
Whaley Bridge is being evacuated due to the ongoing situation at Toddbrook Reservoir.
If you are being asked to leave your home then please attend Chapel High School, Long Lane, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, SK23 0TQ, where further direction will be given.
Police officers and staff will be at the school to provide further direction, though at this time we are not sure how long the evacuation will take.
Residents are asked to make alternative arrangements to stay with friends and family, ensure that any pets are taken with them and that all medication that may be needed for a number of days is taken with them.
If people do not have somewhere to go then they will be accommodated, however, there is limited capacity to do so.
If you are unable to leave your own home and require assistance please contact 101 and ask for the police.

The dam may not collapse, but it’s definitely not worth taking the risk.

Police have apparently closed roads into Whaley Bridge, which is a small town in Derbyshire in the High Peak.

Any further updates will follow in the coming hours.