Major Winter Storm will deliver Blizzard Conditions and Heavy Rain into the weekend

The next major winter-storm is looming for tomorrow and into the weekend and with it a nasty mix of heavy snow, heavy rain, strong almost gale-force winds and even a severe thunderstorm outbreak as far north as southern Illinois for tomorrow evening and into Saturday!


Dealing with the snow first – and there will be plenty of it. Patchy snow showers will gather pace through Friday in the Rockies giving some local accumulations of 2-4″. The significant, prolonged snowfall from what will likely be “Winter storm Carter” will start early Saturday for much of South Dakota, south east Montana, and northern Nebraska. Before extending into the rest of Nebraska, northern Iowa, the far south of Minnesota, and some central (highland) parts of Wisconsin later on Saturday and into Saturday night.

The highest accumulations will be through central and southern South Dakota and central + northern Nebraska. Here 5-8 inches of snow will fall widely with up to 10-12″ on upland areas. Elsewhere, for the other regions indicated  above that wil lsee the snow later on Saturday and into Saturday night, accumulations will be in the region of 2-6″, fairly insignificant and the further east you go, into Wisconsin, as the snow arrives later on Saturday it will be mixing with sleet to lower levels giving a wet wintry mix. For much of the lakes it will be too warm for snow, so just rain can be expected. However, slightly colder air will dig south on Sunday so much of the mid west, great lakes that were too mild on Saturday will become cold enough for snow, however by this stage the precipitation will be mostly light and patchy so any snowfall shouldn’t be too disruptive.

Another issue mentioned was strong winds, now large portions of the central country, great plains and mid west on Saturday with gusts of 40-50mph locally. The strong winds will extend north east into the lakes and north east into Sunday with similar wind gusts. No major problems from this are expected, however where the snow will be drier in the central plains on Saturday there’s the potential for some drifting snow, with drifts of 2-4ft possible in exposed places.

Another issue mentioned was heavy rain. Pretty much all central and southern parts of the country will get some heavy rain through Saturday, with heavy rain spreading into the east later Saturday into Sunday. However some areas will pick up very heavy rainfall. One of those will be the south east, especially the Florida panhandle, potentially south east Alabama and southern Georgia on Saturday. Here 4-8 inches of rain could fall locally. The second area of concern is late Friday into the early hours of Saturday for more central areas. Severe thunderstorms could trek all the way from north east Texas through Arkansas and into southern Illinois which is quite unusual for this time of year. This post from Accuweather sums it up quite nicely. Stay safe and thank you for reading.

New Warning as Storm to hit UK tomorrow, gusts of 50-70mph widely

Following storm Diana which brought wind gusts of 89mph to North Wales and gusts over 50mph to large swathes of the country today, the next storm system is set to arrive tomorrow, and although it hasn’t been given an official name it will still pack a punch and be as if not more disruptive than Diana.

Initially the strongest gusts will affect south west England and south Wales for tomorrow morning’s rush hour with gusts of 60-70mph in places, before extending through much of England and Wales during the day. Strong winds will impact much of southern England, the Midlands and Wales during the middle of the day, early afternoon before extending into northern England and the borders (with Scotland) for the early and mid afternoon. Throughout the yellow risk ares above winds could touch 60mph in the strongest gusts, leading to a risk of travel disruption, and a low risk of localized power outages. The strongest of the winds will occur early on in the south west of England, indicated by the “orangey” zone in the morning, here winds could touch 70mph leading to a particularly tricking morning commute.

Although there is some uncertainty regarding this, there is the potential for a second batch of “even stronger” 60-75mph wind gusts across the north of England tomorrow afternoon. The risk is there. The rain however will arrive first tomorrow, affecting much of England, Wales and Eastern Ireland with persistent moderate rain early on, before extending into Scotland later in the day. Some western areas, especially Wales, and later on Southern Scotland, could pick up 1-2 inches of rain, meaning there could be some standing / flowing water in places. Take extra care and caution when travelling.

Storm “Diana” to batter the UK with severe gales on Wednesday

Tuesday: A spell of strong southeasterly gales will affect coastal counties of Ireland between 5 and 9am with strong winds passing north east into Irish sea coasts and south west Scotland towards mid day. A spell of heavy rain and squally winds will pass over the country through the day with the potential for some localized disruption.

Wednesday: Storm Diana hits. Although rain wont be a particular issue, wind will be, with rather strong winds throughout the country for much of the day meaning pretty much anywhere could see gusts near 50mph – however more especially 60-70mph gusts are likely for Ireland, south west England, Wales, Cumbria, south west Scotland early on and through the afternoon. During the afternoon severe gale force winds will spread into the far north of England and much of Scotland. For the evening rush hour across north east England and parts of Scotland winds could approach 70mph and cross winds are possible.

UK Storm Risk Map | Wednesday 28th November 2018 |

Rainfall wont be a particular issue during this stormy spell of weather, however across parts of south west England and western Ireland which are more exposed to the westerly winds will pick up some fairly persistent showers and as a result could see up to 2 inches of rainfall so there is a risk of some light flooding here. During the day some large waves and rough surf will affect coastal areas with dangerous beach conditions. Outdoor activities should be revised based on the risk matrix for your region.

There’s the potential for more stormy weather on Thursday to. There could be some particularly vicious winds across southern counties of England for the Thursday morning rush hour. Extending from Cornwall, South West England all the way to say Kent. Here wind gusts of 60-70mph could deliver some quite dangerous travelling conditions. Stay tuned for developments on this storm.

Winter Warning: Next Major Snow Storm Forecast

To begin with heavy rainfall, gusty winds are forecast for much of Texas on Friday. Some of this will turn into wet snow in the Texas panhandle into Saturday morning. Through Saturday rainfall will affect much of the state of Oklahoma however later on Saturday will turn to snow into the northern regions.

Heavy persistent snow will is forecast for northern Arkansas and southern Missouri on Saturday with accumulations of 2-8 inches. The system will race through Tennesse and Kentucky on Saturday night bringing lesser accumulations of 1-4 inches. As the system heads towards the east coast on Sunday it will gain intensity. Very heavy and persistent snowfall is then predicted for a large portion of inland North Carolina and southern western Virginia with snowfall totals of up to 16-20 inches possible on the upland regions of the Appalachian Mountains within North Carolina and Virginia on Sunday however snowfall totals of 4-6 inches may spread out into the far south of West Virginia and east of Kentucky/ Tennessee, and potentially the far north of South Carolina as well through Sunday.

Winds will be quite gusty although not severe, so there’s the potential for some blizzard-like conditions especially on the Appalachian Mountains on Sunday however gusty weather is forecast to occur throughout this snow-system. Some snow drifts are possible, of 2-3 feet, however drifts of 4-8 feet are possible in upland regions of western North Carolina and Virginia that are most at risk from this storm.

Another issue will be heavy rain. There will be a lot of heavy rain in Texas on Saturday, rainfall rates of 6-8″ per hour are possible early on in the day for central areas as far south as Houston. Those rains are forecast to affect Louisiana later on Saturday. They will scour the Gulf Coast later on Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday giving heavy rains for the Florida panhandle and southern Alabama regions. Some thunderstorms or even tornadic activity can’t be ruled out. Especially on Sunday throughout central and southern Florida, southern Georgia and maybe south Carolina.

The “good” news is that a much less cold pattern is on the way. Temperatures are currently widely below average across the USA however once this winter storm has cleared less cold are forecast to spread from much of central and western Canada that will have above average temperatures from this weekend. Into next week those higher temperatures will become more nationwide. Much of the Mid West and Great Lakes will see a thaw and rise in temperatures through next week.

Major BLIZZARD Warning Extended into Chicago as Life Threatening Blizzard Sweeps across the U.S.

After affecting large portions of Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas in the last 24 hours winter storm #Bruce is currently trekking towards Michigan and the Chicago Metro areas which are currently under a blizzard warning which means travel in the next 24 hours would mean a danger to life. Please do not travel unless it is absolutely necessary / an emergency. Parts of the I-80 for example in Illinois could receive up to 18 inches of snowfall. Blizzard conditions are characterized by heavy snow with winds over 30mph and visibility less than 400 metres. This makes travelling very dangerous. Blizzard warnings have been extended into the Chicago metro area. Snow drifts of 4-5 feet have already been reported and similar snow drifts are likely if not worse in the next 12 hours in the blizzard warning areas. See for official winter storm warnings etc.


Blizzard Warning in effect for the Chicago regions (Credit: THEWEATHERCHANNEL)


Heavy snowfall is currently impacting a large portion of northern Missouri, and still affecting south eastern counties of Iowa, as well as the far north west of Illinois. VERY HEAVY lake effect snowfall will start on Tuesday and last through Wednesday. Some portions on the east coast of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario could see over 12 inches of snowfall with 16 inches possible locally. Snowfall will extend into the Chicago metro area and as far north as southern counties near Milwaukee Wisconsin, later this evening. Into Monday morning snow will still be affecting the Chicago area of Illinois and will have extended into much of Michigan, snow totals here tomorrow wont be as severe as what they are / will be tonight further south west in parts of northern Illinois, however still packing a good 4-8″ in places. If you are in the Blizzard Warning then travel will be putting you and others around you in danger unless it is absolutely necessary.

As mentioned, as we head into Tuesday and Wednesday deep cold around the back of this storm will allow for some lake effect snow showers, they will affect western Michigan and could be quite heavy say for Erie, Buffalo and surrounding areas. Risk map:

Lake effect snow totals: Tuesday 27th November – Thursday 29th November:

Winter Storm Bruce Declared: Near-Blizzard conditions to impact Central US

The next major snow storm named “Bruce” is expected to blanket many central portions of the U.S and the beginnings of it are currently producing patchy moderate snow in the Rockies. Overnight snow will intensify for Nebraska, and northern Kansas, eventually Iowa tomorrow afternoon. The storm will produce winds of over 60mph in places leading to near blizzard-conditions. The storm will advance north through Sunday evening and into Monday affecting northern Missouri, the far north of Illinois (Chicago 2-4″), the far south of Wisconsin and eventually Michigan through Monday.

Location and intensity of snowfall from winter storm Bruce, produced by Severe Weather Updates 2018.

Some significant snow accumulations are likely in the areas mentioned. Accumulations of 6-12 inches are likely in the orange areas with drifts of 2-4 feet in places due to the strong winds. Areas placed in the wintry mix “pink” zone could experience a little snow but the chance is rather low and it will be wet sleety stuff. However some places on high ground above 2,000ft / 600 metres could see some notable accumulations. Early on Tuesday the storm will “twist round” so although the snow has left the plains, mid west and lakes by this stage, there will be a second area of moderate, blowing snowfall for parts of higher North East New York state, northern Vermont, northern New Hampshire and in land / upland Maine. Here some 2-6″ of snow is possible with drifts of 1-2 feet in places.