Cold Blast with Snow risk to hit the UK this weekend

After a colder spell during the last 24 to 36 hours, things are set to be fairly nondescript over the next few days. Although Friday will be slightly milder across the UK, things will become colder again later on Saturday and into Sunday. The colder temperatures will last into Monday to. It will be cold enough for a risk of some UKSnow for inland areas, but at present this is just a risk and finite details will become refined over the next few days.

An active cold front will sweep south on Saturday through the UK and Ireland, bringing with it some heavy rain for most areas and also a risk of some snow. That snow risk is higher further north, for places like the Peak District, northern England, and also for places with elevation (high ground). However as this is a few days away still, the details are not refined on yet – there is some uncertainty. Following this cold front is cold Arctic air that will flood the UK later on Saturday and into Sunday, bringing a widespread frost and also some snow showers for northern Scotland, Northern Ireland and Irish Sea Coasts. Winds will also be very strong on Saturday and into Sunday, northerly gales bringing the risk of drifting snow where it falls.

Chart: precipitation type forecast for midday Sunday shows heavy wintry showers in the forecast with a mix of sleet, hail and snow around Coastal Northern areas;

There could be a spell of gale force winds even across central and southern England and Wales on Saturday evening – again the details regarding this are uncertain to stay tuned to the forecast.

Looking further ahead, uncertainty increases as it always does the further out you look. However it’s likely that next week will be a week with temperatures colder than average (60% chance) with only a 40% chance of average or milder than average temperatures. It looks pretty unsettled, with strong winds at times and also a lot of precipitation. Of course with cold temperatures and precipitation, comes a risk of snowfall. This risk is more pronounced for northern areas and on high ground, however there’s a chance of some snowfall just about anywhere. Bear in mind this is only a chance and things could still change.