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Spell of Significant, Disruptive Snow forecast for southern areas tomorrow!

UK Snow Risk Map:

Tomorrow’s Forecast In Detail:

A dry day for most tomorrow with variable sunshine and cold conditions however in the south west of England a mixture of rain and hill snow will arrive during the afternoon. Some of this will fall as heavy snow over Dartmoor, Exmoor and high ground in the SW however some slight accumulations are possible to lower levels in Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire. A mixture of rain, sleet and snow will also affect central and southern Ireland with accumulations ripe on hills in the South through the afternoon.

By tea time it’s possible that snow could become quite heavy for the hills of southern Ireland, much of Wales (inland and up hills), and to lower levels for southern counties of England, firstly places like Wiltshire, Hampshire and Gloustershire, Herefordshire could be affected by 2-5cms with more in places by say tea time to 7pm before the snow transfers eastwards towards the home counties, into Greater London, and parts of the central and southern Midlands by say 10pm. Widely across the central and southern Midlands 1-3cm is possible with up to 5cm on hills. The most intense accumulations are likely on southern coastal counties of England (inland risk is higher), anywhere from Devon to Kent including Surrey, Northern Hampshire into Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, with 2-5cms likely widely here with up to 10cm in a few spots, perhaps 12 on hills. On the coast accumulations of snow will be patchy. For parts of Wales, by midnight Friday some areas could see 5-10cms on hills, with 2-7cms more typical in the Welsh Valleys.

Overnight into Friday snow will lose it’s intensity and become lighter but still affecting parts of the Midlands, perhaps parts of East Anglia, giving scattered accumulations of 0.5 to 2cm into Friday. However by Friday our focus shifts to North East England, South East Scotland for some isolated heavy snow showers, giving 2-10cm in places, these snow showers will be quite narrow in nature and isolated so predicting their exact location is almost impossible but they are likely in places in the North East on Friday, in a section from the North York Moors to the eastern Southern Uplands of Scotland they are possible.

Snow Update: Some places tomorrow in for disruptive snow, others rain

This map is not a definite forecast of snow, but highlights which areas are most likely to see it through tomorrow.

Forecast explanation and detail:

The air tomorrow will not be desperately cold, so unlike during for example “the beast from the east” during which the air was well below freezing for all, temperatures tomorrow will be hovering at around 1 or 2C, so some places will see a mixture of rain and sleet, whilst others not so far away will see moderate snow, so it’s a fairly complicated and tricky forecast.

Early tomorrow afternoon from around 12pm to 3pm we can expect a mixture of rain, sleet and moderate snow across northern parts of England, Mid and North Wales and the North West Midlands. Above 100m a transition from rain to moderate snow is likely (75-90%), however below 100m elevation the chance of seeing the rain eventually transition to snow is slightly lower (only 50%), so this is a tricky forecast as explained. Areas that do see a progression to snow, which is higher for inland and elevated towns and cities like: Stoke on trent, Buxton, Sheffield, Birmingham, Coventry, Leeds, and slightly lower for more coastal, low elevation areas: Manchester, Blackpool & Liverpool. Later into the evening the snow and sleet mix will reach the East Midlands and Lincolnshire, again giving a mixture of rain sleet and snow with the bulk of the snow to hills, but there will be a touch to lower levels (in places), and where it does fall a few centimeters of snow will accumulate.

Once we head into the proper evening hours of tomorrow, from around 7pm onwards towards midnight, we start to see that risk of snow further south east, into the east Midlands, Lincolnshire, and then towards South East England. Below 100 metres the risk of snow is moderate (around a 50% chance), but where it does fall there is the potential for 2-5cm of snow here with more over the Chilterns and North Downs. Eventually the messy mix will clear into the early hours of Wednesday leaving a legacy of cold, dry and frosty weather. A very cold night is predicted with minimas of -3 of -4C for some central areas of England, Scotland and eastern Wales, so ice will be an issue to start Wednesday.

Further west we’ll start to pick up some wintry showers from the word go on Wednesday, with places like North West England, NW Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Western Scotland seeing some wintry showers with some accumulations of hail and snow in places. A cold day on Wednesday

Later in the week there’s the potential for another snow event on Thursday across similar areas to those affected tomorrow. Again, there’s significant uncertainty with regards to this however where snow does fall it could be quite disruptive. Stay tuned to the forecasts! And please send in your UK Snow Reports on our facebook / twitter social media outlets tomorrow.

Prolonged & Life threatening, record breaking cold to blast plains, mid west and lakes & Winter Storm Jayden Update

Following a swathe of moderate to heavy snow as a result of winter storm Jayden overnight tonight and through Monday for portions of the plains, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northern Iowa & Illinois, and Michigan, before funneling up inland portions of the North East late Monday and into Tuesday, and then a severe and potentially record breaking cold outbreak is forecast for many areas.

We’ve been warning of it for a few days and now it’s looking likely to happen.

Into tonight snow will form over Minnesota and eastern North & South Dakota before spreading into Minnesota, Wisconsin and northern Iowa/ northern Illinois through Monday giving heavy accumulations in places. Later on Monday heavy snow will fall over Michigan with some lake effect enhancement from lake Michigan. Rates of between 1 and 2 inches of snow per hour will likely remain manageable for the area.

Later on Monday the snow will spread across the lakes into southern Ontario giving 4-8″ widely. Later on Tuesday snow will head into parts of the north east and could intensify over New England and Maine giving 8-12″ in places especially northern Maine. On Tuesday some moderate wet snow will fall over parts of northern Mississippi and through the Appalachian mountains and across inland parts of the North East like Pa and New York state giving accumulations of 1-4″ widely.

Intensification likely in the North East later on Tuesday: The GFS and NAM model are suggesting intensification of the weather front associated with Winter Storm Jayden later on Tuesday which could produce more intense snowfall rates of 2 to 3 inches per hour in a corridor from lake Ontario through upstate NY, Vermont, New Hampshire and into Maine. If this occurs, some significant totals could develop here towards 1 feet (12″) in places. Keep an eye on NOAA warnings & local forecasts for this potential risk.

See our snow risk map for Winter Storm Jayden:

Now for the biting cold.

Prepare for the life threatening freeze that will set in through Tuesday into the mid west and extend into the western Great Lakes later in the day.

For some parts of the Mid West late Monday through Thursday the air will be the coldest it’s been for a couple of decades. Freezing pipes & a significant risk to the vulnerable of society. Please make necessary preparations for the extreme cold.

Risk of disruptive snow across the Midlands, southern England on Tuesday evening

For more information on the day to day changes in the snow-risk for various regions, please use our 5 day regional snow forecast.

5 Day Regional Snow Forecast.

You can also access the weather warnings for your region using our regional warning map:

Whilst much of the Mid West, Great Lakes region of the U.S. is about to be plunged into a record-breaking polar vortex winter freeze, the outlook is more modest here in the UK for the next few days with temperatures hovering at or perhaps slightly colder than average.

Although most inland areas will remain dry during tonight and into tomorrow with some ice forming in places, on the eastern coast of England we’ll keep some heavy showers, some of which may turn wintry overnight. This leads the way into a more settled Monday with a good deal of sunshine for inland areas, albeit rather cold. Winds will be lighter in comparison to today as well. Up in Western Scotland and Northern Ireland some wintry showers will form through Monday, giving accumulations of snow above 200 metres.

During Monday night wintry showers may sink into North West England, giving the Pennines a risk of a sprinkling. At the same time we continue to feed in showers to Western Scotland and Northern Ireland. Elsewhere, mainly dry and clear into Monday night with a frost in places.

Tuesday is when things get interesting. Most of us start the day cold and clear with a frost, though we’ll keep some scattered sleet and snow showers in the north west. Through the morning Ireland will be affected by outbreaks of rain, which may turn to snow later on Tuesday for central and northern parts of Ireland.

Through Tuesday we’ll keep that pattern of wintry showers in Western Scotland and Northern Ireland with the snow line falling closer to sea level, eastern Scotland dry. It’s through England and Wales where things could get interesting later on Tuesday, an area of precipitation associated with a low pressure system is expected to spin up into the British Isles on Tuesday, which is producing a risk of snow for inland areas. At the moment the risk is highest through the Midlands, especially the East Midlands, and into East Anglia by tea time Tuesday. However some more northern areas like Northern England, could also come into the risk zone. Later on Tuesday there’s a chance that more south eastern parts of England could be impacted by a little snow.

UK Snowfall Risk Map:

This is not expected to be a major snow event, and the “snow-zone” could shift, however we’ve outlined in our risk map the areas highest at risk of some snow on Tuesday evening. Once again this could change a little. We will update you tomorrow evening so make sure you check back on our page nearer the time to find out exactly where this snow will be, as in 24 hours we will have a good indication of where things will go.

Thereafter things could turn somewhat calmer into Wednesday, albeit a little colder with another widespread, in places hard frost to start Wednesday, with a risk of icy patches to start the day.

Another little low could spin up on Thursday evening, which could once again enhance the snow potential, this time perhaps for more central and northern areas, however details regarding this are quite uncertain.

Coldest air in two decades to shunt into the Mid West next week

A bout of exceptionally cold, life threateningly cold air is forecast to fall down from the Arctic into many central parts of the states with extreme cold during the early and middle stages of next week, courtesy of a piece of the polar vortex.. The mid west, western parts of the great lakes will feel the chill to begin with before the exceptionally cold air infiltrates further east towards the north east later in the week, however this cold snap will peak on Tuesday / Wednesday for the western lakes, Mid West. In some parts of the interior and upper Mid West the air could be at temperatures not seen here for about 2 decades! Chicago all the way up to North Dakota through Minnesota, Wisconsin will be hardest hit by this Polar Vortex outbreak.

Chart: Severe cold indicated by pink colors seeps across large parts of the country next Tuesday & Wednesday. (Credit:

Even though the dangerous cold will be further north, in the plains, mid west, lakes & north east, much colder than average temperatures will be apparent further south to with much below average temperatures reaching the Gulf Coast by Wednesday. This is life threatening cold.

(Image: temperatures by Wednesday at 6AM, largely well below -30F and creeping towards -40F for large sections of the Mid West (This is DANGEROUS cold) credit:

A swathe of moderate snow with rates of 0.5 to 1.5 inches per hour for a few hours will spread from west to east forming over North Dakota on Sunday night, into Minnesota, Wisconsin, the western Great Lakes & northern Illinois on Monday with 5-10 inches of snow before affecting the great lakes progressively from Monday into Tuesday. By Tuesday some light to moderate yet persistent snow will be affecting the upper north east. There could be a swathe of snowfall way far south possibly as far south as Mississippi on Tuesday! One to watch. Snowfall totals from this expected snowstorm late Sunday through late Tuesday are expected to be quite high for many, although some changes could occur it’s likely that some parts of say NE South Dakota and western Michigan could near 1 ft (12 inches) with 4 to 9 inches typical for many. Even as far south as Northern Mississippi could see a couple inches. Once again the east cost may miss this storm.

Image: Snowfall totals by late Tuesday as forecast from the GFS weather model (source: as Swathe of moderate snow produces a widespread 6 to 12 inches from North Dakota, to northern Illinois and up to Montreal by Tuesday; although the positioning of this could change.

This storm is far from being “sorted out”, in terms of it’s intensity and exact details with regards to timing and areas affected. However it could definitely be a significant and disruptive snowfall for many.

Once this system is out of the way through Tuesday night we start to infiltrate extreme cold into the mid west, plains etc. Day time highs of -20C / -4F likely for large metro areas such as Chicago on Wednesday with dangerously cold windchills biting the plains, mid west & lakes through the remainder of Wednesday and into Thursday. This is proper cold, for some the coldest in a few years.

Meanwhile moderate to heavy lake effect snow showers will be affecting the lakes with a further 6-12 inches in a few spots. Winds could be straight westerly which could pile the showers into places like Buffalo, Erie potentially, and central Michigan. Following this week we need to be on watch for more snow events and winter storms later next week into the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of February as the cold pattern potentially gives way to something less cold further west, however this change could produce a snow event. Stay safe!

UK CRIPPLED after freak “1 millimeter” snowstorm hits the roads

Shock horror as up to 1 MILLIMETER of snow fell on higher towns and villages. To lower ground, up to a deadly millimeter fell. Gritters have been overturned and cars abandoned after the shock snow flurry swept over the UK last night. Many residents fear travel disruption as the trains have been affected badly by this.

Manager at rail UK says “We have sadly had to suspend a number of services in and out of London, Birmingham and Manchester today for health and safety reasons.”.

Manager at UK Airport central says “Our Airports are not designed to cope with this amount of snow, only snow that is not visible to the naked eye”.

The prime minister has issued an urgent announcement advising residents to stay indoors. Shelves have been “wiped clean” in many areas after the first few flakes fell yesterday. Residents are URGED to stay indoors and heed warnings where and when possible.

The Weather Office has issued a warning for | YELLLOW | SNOW | advising residents not to go near it if possible. It may be contaminated. Residents of Scotland however have received 3 feet of snow and are reportedly driving around as normal, which caused many UK citizens to faint upon viewing the footage, and residents are also advised that this is a joke post!