Major BLIZZARD Warning Extended into Chicago as Life Threatening Blizzard Sweeps across the U.S.

After affecting large portions of Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas in the last 24 hours winter storm #Bruce is currently trekking towards Michigan and the Chicago Metro areas which are currently under a blizzard warning which means travel in the next 24 hours would mean a danger to life. Please do not travel unless it is absolutely necessary / an emergency. Parts of the I-80 for example in Illinois could receive up to 18 inches of snowfall. Blizzard conditions are characterized by heavy snow with winds over 30mph and visibility less than 400 metres. This makes travelling very dangerous. Blizzard warnings have been extended into the Chicago metro area. Snow drifts of 4-5 feet have already been reported and similar snow drifts are likely if not worse in the next 12 hours in the blizzard warning areas. See for official winter storm warnings etc.


Blizzard Warning in effect for the Chicago regions (Credit: THEWEATHERCHANNEL)


Heavy snowfall is currently impacting a large portion of northern Missouri, and still affecting south eastern counties of Iowa, as well as the far north west of Illinois. VERY HEAVY lake effect snowfall will start on Tuesday and last through Wednesday. Some portions on the east coast of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario could see over 12 inches of snowfall with 16 inches possible locally. Snowfall will extend into the Chicago metro area and as far north as southern counties near Milwaukee Wisconsin, later this evening. Into Monday morning snow will still be affecting the Chicago area of Illinois and will have extended into much of Michigan, snow totals here tomorrow wont be as severe as what they are / will be tonight further south west in parts of northern Illinois, however still packing a good 4-8″ in places. If you are in the Blizzard Warning then travel will be putting you and others around you in danger unless it is absolutely necessary.

As mentioned, as we head into Tuesday and Wednesday deep cold around the back of this storm will allow for some lake effect snow showers, they will affect western Michigan and could be quite heavy say for Erie, Buffalo and surrounding areas. Risk map:

Lake effect snow totals: Tuesday 27th November – Thursday 29th November: