Further Heavy Snow will pound the North East of the United States tonight

As per the latest radar, heavy snowfall is currently affecting central Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and edging towards and into New York state. Some moderate wet snowfall is currently affecting Manhattan city, snow is starting to settle in the city, read more about the NYC snow herein the city outskirts up to 6″ could fall tonight with 3-4″ in the center. A dangerous mix of heavy rain, heavy ICE (freezing rain) rain and heavy snowfall right now for northern Ohio which will continue for the next few hours.

Later tonight:

HEAVY SNOW will affect much of New York and Pennsylvania (SEVERE WEATHER UPDATES SNOW WARNING) state with accumulations of 10-12 inches widely. Similar accumulations will affect central and upstate Pennsylvania. Moderate patchy snow will continue across southern and central Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia with 2-4 inches widely. Some higher parts of WV however could see up to 8 inches, as per indicated by the dark blue on the map below. Snowfall will fall in places tonight that saw ice earlier especially in OH, WV, PA, MI & Lake Erie coast, leading to dangerous driving conditions (ICE WARNING). 


Tomorrow morning:

Snowfall will ease from Ohio, West Virginia, bar a few flakes, and turn mostly light (but quite persistent locally) in Michigan. Meanwhile a mix of heavy rain (east) and heavy snow (west) will affect PA, and heavy snowfall will continue through much of tomorrow across NEW YORK STATE (SEVERE WEATHER UPDATES SNOW WARNING) with up to 12 inches possible.

Tomorrow morning moderate snowflall be affecting mcuh of southern, central and eastern Ontario and eventually Quebec later in the day, New foundland to. Heavy snowfall will continue across Central and Northern Vermont (SNOW WARNING) and New Hampshire (SNOW WARNING) and Maine (SNOW WARNING). Here 4-10 inches will accumulate widely.

Later tomorrow:

By tomorrow 6pm the snow will have cleared for many areas however we will keep an icy mix of freezing rain and light snow for great lake areas, especially on New York State next to Lake Erie. Light to moderate snowfall will continue for northern NH and Vermont even into tomorrow evening giving further slight accumulations.

It will turn cold this weekend for many of us, once again. And with it the risk of a moderate snowfall system which could bring 2-4 inches of snowfall early Saturday. The areas at risk are outlined below: