UK Weather Warning: Atrocious week of weather on the way

No, it wont be raining from 00:00AM Monday to 23:59PM next Sunday, but it does look pretty dire. In the UK you should expect maximum temperatures in mid June to range from 17C in Scotland to around 22C (71F) in Greater London, however in the coming week highs will range from around 12 to 18C, a good 4C below average for many of us. There are Met Office Weather Warnings in force for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – which you can read about right here. There will be rain, and a lot of it, but in rather concentrated areas. 

The majority of the rain will be across England and Wales, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Some parts of the Midlands, Lincolnshire etc could see upwards of 50 to 75mm of rain, 2 to 3 inches, that level is enough to produce a risk of flooding, one to be aware about going through the week ahead.

Preliminary VeryWeather flood warning – valid Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th of June 2019.

The Forecast

Monday: A damp start in the South and South East with outbreaks of light to moderate rain. Drier further north west, but through the day showers will develop even here in places. Showery rain will become more extensive across England and Wales through the day. Under the rain temperatures will really suffer, just 8 to 12C in England and Wales, with strong winds. Temperatures will be higher in Scotland and Northern Ireland, with a bit more sunshine, bar a few showers. pushing 18C in places.

Tuesday: Having continued overnight from Monday, outbreaks of rain, at times heavy, will continue through much of the day for much of England and Wales. Perhaps the far north of England (Cumbria and Northumberland), will remain mostly dry. Once again Northern Ireland and Scotland will be treated to more in the way of sunshine. Temperatures across the board below average, cooler in the North still, at just 8 to 12C. 12 to 20C for England and Wales, that 20C reserved to the far South East. Winds will remain strong, gusting to 30 to 40mph making it feel cold.

Wednesday: Question marks exist here as to how heavy the rain will be, and the exact positioning. However it’s most likely that much of England and Wales will see another dismal day, atrocious for June, with heavy pulses of rain throughout. Again Northern Ireland and Scotland look drier, with the best chance of some sunny spells, but temperatures will struggle even here. 12 to 17C typically in the North, just 9 to 13C for the mainland with the rain. The rainfall totals will begin to really mount up, perhaps as much as 75mm in central areas. Again the risk of flooding exists.

Thursday: Not looking great. Showery, with rain moving into Scotland and perhaps Northern Ireland. Temps cool across the board. Rain not as heavy for the mainland.

Friday & the weekend: Looking unsettled again, with cool temps. However by Sunday temperatures may begin to rise closer to average in the South. Little detail can be offered at this range, reliability in forecasts drop.