Snow hits Spain as Europe subject to freak weather

Much of Central and Western Europe has been subject to freak weather over the past few days. The UK and Spain has seen heavy rain and usually cold temperatures, whilst the low countries and Germany have seen torrential downpours and storms, some reporting hail of 2-3 inches in diameter.

Spain has seen the coldest weather, with heavy snow reported in the higher elevations in the North, towards the Pyrénées mountain range with as much as 20cm reported above 2,000 metres, fairly unusual for June.

Although it’s normal for these regions to see snow during the September to May period, significant snow in June here is quite rare, and only happens every few years. In fact much of Spain is experiencing temperatures of 5 to 12 degrees Celsius below the June average, Barcelona for example is at just 15C today.

Tweet: Snow falls at 1600 metres of elevation today in the Pyrénées mountain range. (Credit: @METEODELNORTE)

The cold is fairly localized, though, which the southern part of Spain seeing temperatures closer to the seasonal average. It seems as though running off to Spain for some nice weather is not really an option at the moment!

Top temperatures in Spain today (Credit: METEOCIEL):


Is there any warmer weather on the way?

Temperatures in both the UK and Spain are set to stage something of a recovery this weekend, with temperatures of 30C expected in central Spain by Sunday. In the UK the lift in temperature will be less pronounced with highs of just 17 to 18C this weekend, which is better than the atrocious 12 to 13C at the moment, but it’s an improvement. Once the next couple of days are out of the way, the snowfall should stop in Spain.

So it’s good news if you’re set to fly off on holiday to Spain later this week, as conditions should improve, but nothing spectacular.