Yorkshire: bridge swept away and 100s of homes flooded

Northern England has been subject to some vicious downpours today, thanks to a vigorous area of low pressure. Some places have seen record breaking rainfall totals. The highest rainfall totals have been across North Yorkshire, in some localized areas 6 INCHES of rain has fallen in just 2 / 3 hours, locally some truly astonishing rainfall. For example, Leyburn, North Yorkshire has seen 6 inches.

The torrent of floodwaters was too powerful for Grinton Bridge to withstand, and unfortunately gave way earlier today, as you can see. Unfortunately 100’s of properties have been flooded today and waters remain very high here.

Rainfall will continue on and of for the rest of this evening and tonight across Northern England. Although fairly localized, an extra 50mm could still fall in places, which admittedly is not as heavy as today’s deluge, but could still cause some problems. Our risk map for rainfall & thunderstorms is active until tomorrow evening.

As you can see, the main risk zone is West Yorkshire, East Lancashire, Greater Manchester and general Pennine areas. Here is the concern zone. Ground is already very saturated, of course, so any rainfall will just exacerbate the issue.

Tomorrow: Further showers or thunderstorms are forecast through tomorrow across Northern England. Even through the afternoon, some thunderstorms may develop in similar areas that had them today. Another 50mm may fall locally, especially over and to the east of the Pennine chain. Those areas affected by severe flooding today, for example Leyburn, are at risk tomorrow to, with around a 50% chance of more downpours unfortunately. Thankfully things should quieten down on Thursday, only some residual showers affecting central England, giving 5-10mm of rain locally.