LIVE: Blackpool Tower Fire – “it’s only orange netting!”

LIVE: Updated 17:00: Blackpool Police confirm the tower is not actually on fire and that what we’re seeing is just orange netting flapping in the wind.
Lancashire police further confirmed that statement and have added that “one man has been arrested for breach of the peace”.

It was initially thought that a fire had set out at Blackpool tower this afternoon. However, we can now confirm that this was just orange netting, as posted by Blackpool police at 16:20PM today. It seems even Lancashire fire and rescue were caught out by the deceiving orange netting as they sent out 6 fire engines, a drone and a rope rescue team.

15:18PM:The following videos from twitter shows what appears to be a fire, however on closer inspection it is just “orange netting”.

There have actually been a few real fires at Blackpool tower though. Back in July 1897 a large fire broke out. The same happened on 7th March 2018 when a moderate sized fire left 12 people stranded at the top of Blackpool tower.
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