Freezing Rain and Heavy Snow will deliver Travel Misery Tomorrow

A rather rare and dangerous phenomenon known as freezing rain is likely to bring treacherous travelling conditions across then northern half of the UK tomorrow. This occurs when rain, from the Atlantic, meets cold ground temperatures as a result of a cold spell across the UK. The rain instantly freezes upon contact and can cause some challenging driving and travelling conditions with a layer of sheet ice forming. Quite rare for the UK – however it has the potential for some serious impacts. Our Weather Warning Interactive map below can be used to access the forecast for different areas. 

UK Weather Alert. Access your region with our UK WARNING map.

It’s across the north midlands, northern England and Scotland where the risk of ice and / or snow exists. Snow will be en large be restricted to the more upland areas of the central and northern Pennines, however near the borders of Scotland and into southern and Central Scotland itself could fall as snow to fairly low levels (100 metres / 300 feet). Some 20cm (8 in) could falls on the high ground here. For lower levels in northern England, and the North Midlands, yes there could perhaps be a little bit of snow, but it will be washed away by rain, even on high ground later. And here is where the risk is. This rain, coming onto contact with frozen grounds, will freeze quickly and on untreated roads, pavements etc could form a bit of an ice rink through tomorrow afternoon. So travel and outdoor plans need to be revised, especially if they involve rural or upland areas that will be colder and more susceptible to this “dangerous” phenomenon.

For the rest of the UK, a lovely day. Joking. Heavy spells of rain for many other areas with strong if not gale force southerly winds, adding to the travel misery. In fact northern areas that have the freezing rain and snow will also experience these strong winds, just making it even more pleasant. Oh Summer 2018, where did you go?