UK snow early taste of winter forecast

Forecast: Turning Colder Next Week with a risk of snow but no Beast

So far this winter the UK has been rather “void” of any significant snowfall. Most places haven’t seen a flake at all. And although it will be turning a lot colder late next week – and with it the risk of snow in places, it’s too far out to be forecasting where, and exactly how much snow will fall. Those kind of accuracies in weather forecasting can only be expected a little nearer the time. For now though temperatures are quite cold, and this will continue up until say Sunday. A few milder days can be expected on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the south, and by en large dry however northern areas will turn increasingly unsettled later on Tuesday with in places gale force northerly winds.

Tuesday night marks a transition into much colder conditions for the remainder of next week – cold easterly winds with temperatures below average for many, especially in land.

On the east coast there will be showers, however because the air isn’t especially cold, on coastal strips the showers will fall mostly as rain or sleet. In land though, especially for parts of the Midlands, places with elevation such as the Pennines and North York Moors, some accumulating snowfall is likely by say Wednesday and Thursday, a few centimeters in places. To lower levels there will more of a slushy mix, perhaps some snow but probably more rainy in nature. The showers will mostly be for central and eastern areas of England, further north and west into Wales, Ireland and south west England, there will be a lot more dry weather. Cold though during the overnight period later next week for all – with a frost away from those showers. 

Let’s get one thing straight – this is no beast from the east, to get a “BFTE” you need very cold air originated straight from Siberia, and strong winds to boot to help generate snow showers off the north sea. Although this will be a cold spell, and there will be some snow around, it is no where near the severity needed to be named a beast from the east. More updated will be issued in the next few days.