Heavy Winter Storm will produce Widespread Snow this weekend

In the midst of a fairly quiet winter season for most – here comes the next “winter storm”. Widely from central southern Missouri, the far north of Arkansas and into the Appalachian mountain range, much of north west North Carolina and parts of Virginia, West Virginia, 15-25cm (6 to 10 inches) of snowfall is likely. For a wider area including much of Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, a lesser 2 to 4 inches of snowfall is likely, that is indicated by the yellow area below. The snow will be wet snow, and winds will be fairly light. As a result some power lines may come down in places. To the south some heavy rain is likely through the gulf states, however this shouldn’t pose too much of a risk.

Winter snow storm facts:
Named: Not yet.
Time frame: for those west of the “red” line on the map below, you can expect adverse weather on Friday / Saturday, however those to the east of the line can expect impacts from this snow system on Saturday night into Sunday. However there could be slight changes to the forecast – so keep an eye on local forecasts as well as ours.
Most significant impacts: Accumulating snow, heavy wet snow.


YELLOW: 2 to 4 inches.

ORANGE: 6 to 10 inches.

In the nearer time frame, in the next 24 hours a system over the far north east of the country will wrap around itself and deliver colder air into the north east and great lakes. This will also bring with it some lake effect snow showers to onshore areas of lake Ontario and lake Erie, however patchier in Michigan. Not very heavy but certainty a “significant dusting” for parts of New York State, Pennsylvania and sporadically over Michigan in the next 24 hours. Some more persistent and heavier snow will also affect New York State (in land), New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine with 6 to 8 inches widely in land.