Man accidentally knocks over Sports Direct mug, 30,000 homes now flooded

A man, 36, from Berkshire was eating his Breakfast this morning when he accidentally tipped over a mug of tea, which happened to be £1 Sports Direct mug. “I couldn’t believe how much tea there was” he said…

Oh B******.

“It quickly flooded the house and started flowing down the street, flooding the entire road”.

To make matters worse, he said: “There was still some left over in the mug, so I dipped a hobnob in it but because the mug was so big there was no grip, and it fell in”

Emergency services were called straight away, but the situation just could not be improved. Many residents were boated away by the RNLI who were dishing out life jackets and rescuing residents of Birmingham as the torrents rushed down the streets.

The prime minister has issued a special statement warning residents not to go near any flood waters as it is a risk to life, which some people do not realize.